Words are a reflection of the author. Your text says a great deal about you as a person or an organisation. A good text is like a visiting card, so there is every reason to impose high demands on the quality of the service or product. Translations should not leave any room for doubt. You have to be able to have complete confidence in the translation. Leave your words in the capable hands of Todo Talenservice.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

Mark Twain

All languages

Todo Talenservice is an all-round translation agency that works exclusively with university-educated native speaker translators who can translate your texts from and into any language you care to think of. The expertise of our translation specialists is second to none because they know your sector and the cultural subtleties of the country in question. As a result the translated text will more than fulfil the expectations of you and your target group. Our translators also understand that extraordinary events sometimes require extraordinary office hours. For that reason Todo can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Over the past twenty-five years Todo Talenservice has built up experience in every, specialist field, covering everything from technical to legal and anything in between. To us specialisation is the norm and we therefore do not charge anything extra for specialist texts. We work in accordance with our own quality system and that means selecting the right translators and making sure that their translations undergo a number of critical checks. This ensures perfect execution and the highest possible quality, something we have been doing for the past twenty-five years.


Translating is a question of trust. After all it involves your words being expressed in a different language, a language you may not even understand. What is more the content is often confidential. Todo Talenservice processes every assignment with the utmost care and in complete confidentiality. We stand for clear agreements and deliver quickly, and always by the agreed deadline. Your words are safe in our hands.

Please feel free to contact us

If you would like more information about our translation services, if you have any questions about the possibilities, turnaround times or costs of a translation, or if you have a document that needs translating as a sworn translation which may also need to be legalised, please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal discussion about how we can help.

Interpreting services

Translating and interpreting is more than just choosing the right words. A good interpreter understands the material, context and culture, avoids background noise and giving the wrong impression and guarantees objectivity. A good interpreter also makes sure that the focus stays on the issue in hand.

Text editing

A text is your visiting card. Your words must be grammatically perfect and easily readable and, above all, reflect your identity and link up with the culture and mood of your target group.


Todo Talenservice works for companies, organizations and government bodies and translates all manner of documents and texts.