Text editing

A text is your visiting card. Your words must be grammatically perfect and easily readable but, above all, reflect your identity and link up with the culture and mood of your target group. This is the task of the Todo Talenservice copywriters. They edit and correct your texts and, by doing so, create professional, commercial stories which then become your visiting cards.

“A different language is a different vision of life.”

Federico Fellini

Text correction

Thorough revision and editing of text eliminates style errors, grammatical irregularities and cultural blunders. The content of a text has to make sense and be easy to read. What is more the terminology has to have been used consistently.

Todo Talenservice provides proofreaders in all European languages who not only have a perfect command of the grammar, but can also set the right tone on the basis of the cultural background. These language experts are there to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on your behalf.

Text editing

Just like our translators, our text editors are also experts in their specialist field. Thanks to their knowledge and experience they know what they are writing about. They know the target group(s) and understand the desired effect.

No matter whether the assignment is a commercial, business, medical or legal text, a promotional brochure, precise report or eye-catching website, Todo Talenservice always selects the right text editor for the job to ensure your product or service gets the attention it deserves.

Our text editors also collaborate with various designers, photographers and printers. This means we can even arrange the entire production process on your behalf. This not only makes economic sense, but also guarantees uniformity and the right tone and image, prevents communication errors and shortens the production time. The result is a perfectly presented text, no matter how it is expressed.

Are you curious to find out how Todo Talenservice can help? We would be only too pleased to explain the options to you in an informal discussion.

Translation agency

Your text says a lot about you as a person or organisation. Consequently, there is every reason to impose high demands on the quality of the translation. You have to be able to have complete confidence in the translation. Leave your words in the capable hands of Todo Talenservice.

Interpreting services

Translating and interpreting is more than just choosing the right words. A good interpreter understands the material, context and culture, avoids background noise and giving the wrong impression and guarantees objectivity. A good interpreter also makes sure that the focus stays on the issue in hand.


Todo Talenservice works for companies, organizations and government bodies and translates all manner of documents and texts.