About us

‘Todo’ is Spanish for ‘everything’. There was a good reason why we chose that name when we started our translation agency in 1992. It reflects the fact that Todo Talenservice offers everything you could wish for in the field of translations, interpreting services and text development. A complete service for companies, organisations and government bodies.

And our ‘todo’ goes even further. Our translators, interpreters and copywriters are specialist, native speakers who not only know everything there is to know about the required language, but also about the relevant countries, target groups, cultures and sectors.

‘Todo’ also stands for our flexibility. A 24 hour economy needs a translation agency that also takes on and delivers assignments in the evenings and at the weekend. So that is precisely what we do, usually at no extra cost.

We believe that linking ‘everything’ together is essential because only that will give your assignment the stand-out added value you are looking for. We know this from the experience of working successfully with all kinds of satisfied customers for more than twenty-five years.

Todo Talenservice is a member of the Association of Translation Agencies in the Netherlands (VViN) and of the European Union of Associations of Translations (EUATC). Todo Talenservice works in accordance with the ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

"Literature is the precipitation or the report of a spiritual adventure
In a language that is own, alive and original."

Willem Frederik Hermans


A great deal has changed since 1992, the year in which Arno Schamp and Monique van Wijngaarden set up Todo Talenservice. “Back then we worked with typewriters. We delivered our translations by fax, on rolls of thermal paper, by post, or on a floppy disk. In the case of urgent translations – and if the customer was close by, as was the case in 1996 when the Tour de France started in ’s-Hertogenbosch – we delivered translations to customers by bike.”

The times they are a-changin’. These days translations are sent backwards and forwards via the World Wide Web. We are no longer dependent on the ready availability of knowledge and a well-filled bookcase. Instead we can find almost all the information we need on the Internet any time we want. It now feels like translators on the other side of the world are right next door and, thanks to ingenious software, translators in Asia and America can, for example, work simultaneously on the same assignment.

WordPerfect was eventually replaced by Word. These days we also work just as quickly and easily with Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign and Illustrator. By using new software such as CAT tools we are not only able to supply translated texts, but also store client-specific style and terminology in a memory to guarantee constant quality and to analyse texts to see whether we have translated sections of them in the past. That saves both time and money.

Something that has not changed in all those years, is the human dimension. Although Todo Talenservice has grown significantly since 1992 and although our clients now come from far and wide, we continue to believe in personal contact and short lines of communication. More than anything, Todo Talenservice is a team with Arno and Monique who, as project managers, find the right translator, text editor or interpreter with the desired expertise. A close-knit group of experienced, university-educated native speakers who treat your texts with the specific attention and fresh energy you would expect and turn your words into unique stories.

Translation agency

Your text says a lot about you as a person or organisation. Consequently, there is every reason to impose high demands on the quality of the translation. You have to be able to have complete confidence in the translation. Leave your words in the capable hands of Todo Talenservice.

Interpretation services

Translating and interpreting is more than just choosing the right words. A good interpreter understands the material, context and culture, avoids background noise and giving the wrong impression and guarantees objectivity. A good interpreter also makes sure that the focus stays on the issue in hand.

Text editing

A text is your visiting card. Your words must be grammatically perfect and easily readable and, above all, reflect your identity and link up with the culture and mood of your target group.