Interpreting services

Translating and interpreting is more than just choosing the right words. A good interpreter understands the material, context and culture, avoids background noise and giving the wrong impression and guarantees objectivity. A good interpreter also makes sure that the focus remains on the issue in hand.

Todo Talenservice can help you with interpreting services for all the usual languages. We always select the interpreter that best suits your assignment. After all, an international conference requires a different approach to a technical meeting.

Choose for perfect communication, choose for an interpreter from Todo.

"The translation turns everything into nothing."

Günter Grass

Todo Talenservice offers various types of interpreter services

We provide the interpreter who best suits your situation. Our aim is to provide tailor-made solutions, because circumstances, duration, conditions and budgets vary. Todo Talenservice will make sure you understand each other. No matter what.

Telephone interpreting
If an interpreter does not actually have to be present at a meeting, he or she can interpret via the telephone, for example at a meeting, informative discussion or work consultation meeting. A telephone interpreter is available at short notice, but can also be scheduled for a particular time.

Whispering interpreting
If a person is not actively taking part in a meeting and is mainly listening, we can provide a whispering interpreter. This interpreter translates simultaneously and directly into the ear of the participant, while taking account of any cultural differences, such as gestures which may have different meanings in different countries.
A whispering interpreter is not the ideal solution for groups of more than two people, unless a whisper set is used because then numerous people can listen to the interpretation at the same time.

Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreters translate from an interpreting booth or using a whisper set, directly while the speaker is talking, for example at conferences, meetings and in court. Simultaneous interpreting offers little opportunity to consult and therefore requires supreme powers of concentration, a perfect command of the language and broad general knowledge. 

Consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting means that the speaker waits after a few sentences so that the interpreter can translate everything, or provide a short summary. This makes consecutive interpreting extremely suitable for presentations or, for example, one-on-one meetings.

Translation agency

Your text says a lot about you as a person or organisation. Consequently, there is every reason to impose high demands on the quality of the translation. You have to be able to have complete confidence in the translation. Leave your words in the capable hands of Todo Talenservice.


Text editing

A text is your visiting card. Your words must be grammatically perfect and easily readable and, above all, reflect your identity and link up with the culture and mood of your target group.



Todo Talenservice works for companies, organizations and government bodies and translates all manner of documents and texts.